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Be A Reel Health Network Advertiser

Advantages of The Reel Health Network

Regardless of the size and type of business you are marketing, The Reel Health Network offers its advertisers affordable and highly-focused messaging that utliizes professional quaility, high definition video and stereo sound to a captive audience of one million+ viewers (and growing).

With our award-winning creative staff, we can use your existing photos or video to create a professional ad, complete with motion graphics, music and sound. Or, for an additional cost, The Reel Health Network can produce, shoot and edit a custom commercial for you. From script to finished ad, we use the latest in creative technology to promote your products and services professionally, and inexpensively.

Advantages To Healthcare Organizations

• Reach a targeted, captive audience with a tailored message at the mostinfluential point of sale
• Promote your services via customized and creative messaging in a trusted environment
• Articulate your breadth of services, centers of excellence and advancementsin patient care
• Facilitate referrals to and from your practice, health system and “preferred” providers
• Strengthen relationships and loyalty among physicians, health system and patients
• Impact your patients’ own health management through education
• Improve waiting time and patient satisfaction through fresh, engaging, quality programming
• Boost containment, retention, compliance and in-network service volumes

Advantages To National Healthcare Companies
• Promote your products and services through creative, eye-catching, powerful market promotion
• Reach a targeted, captive audience with a tailored message at the most influential point of sale
• Elevate and bolster your image and brand in a trusted environment
• Show support for your customer – physicians, health organization and patients
• Educate your target market on new products, advancements, uses and indications
• Encourage patients to engage their healthcare professional about your products and services

Advantages To Local Businesses
• Promote your products and services through customized, creative and eye-catching messaging
• Reach a targeted audience with a tailored message at an influential point of sale
• Communicate your message to a captive audience in a trusted environment
• Drive new customers to your business
• Deliver your message to 1 in 8 residents in Metro Detroit
• Educate viewers on your location, hours and proximity from their health provider

The Effectiveness of Digital Screen Networks in Medical Offices

Why are medical offices so effective?  They consist of highly targeted audiences, with plenty of time to view the screens and little other distraction.  Additionally, the use of sound is a major feature to reinforce messaging effectiveness, not practical in most other venue types.

• It’s an emerging and rapidly growing marketing tool
• Reaches a focused and highly-targeted audience
• Offers considerable cost savings over traditional methods of promoting your products and services
• Long viewing times
• Little viewer distraction
• The added impact of sound to reinforce your message

The Reel Health Network creates opportunities that lead to brand loyalty and strong relationships.