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What is a Digital Screen Network (DSN)?

Digital Screen Network Overview

At the forefront of the Reel Health Network is the Digital Screen Network — large screen, hi-definition TVs currently located in waiting rooms with future expansion into many other medical practices and venues. Each location features custom programming in full motion HD video to educate, motivate and entertain viewers, while promoting the products and services of Reel Health Network members.

Supporting the Digital Screen Network is a host of technology and tools including the Reel Health Network Website. This independent website allows Members to reinforce their on-screen advertisements with their own landing pages, featuring their on-screen videos for replay. Google Analytics help members track their visitor and page view activity on this website. Visitors also have direct links back to specific locations on Members' websites for additional informational support.

To supercharge immediate communications, Interactive Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and Texting allows immediate patient interaction with information both from the screens, while still in the waiting room, and through the Reel Health Network Website. Imagine the ability to beam your information or coupon to a patient’s smart phone without leaving their chair.

The Effectiveness of DSNs in Medical Offices

Why are medical offices so effective?  They consist of highly targeted audiences,  with plenty of time to view the screens and little other distraction.  Additionally, the use of sound is a major feature to reinforce messaging effectiveness, not practical in most other venue types.

• It’s an emerging and rapidly growing marketing tool
• Reaches a focused and highly-targeted audience
• Offers considerable cost savings over traditional methods of promoting your products and services
• Long viewing times
• Little viewer distraction
• The added impact of sound to reinforce your message

The Digital Screen Network features large screen, hi-definition TVs all waiting rooms with custom and engaging programming. Larger waiting rooms feature multiple large screens with direct overhead sound for crystal clear viewing and listening. Program reels are customized based on the waiting times of the host venue, to assure optimal exposure to all visitors.

Controlling the network is a state-of-the-art broadcast system that simultaneously controls programming and messaging across the network from a single location with the ability to vary programming at any location independently.  This ensures reliability and flexibility for relevant and timely messaging across our entire Network.